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John McDonald

Head Gaffer | Owner

          Meridian Street Art Glass is owned by glass blowing artist John McDonald. McDonald’s glass art is inspired by seeing what he imagines in his mind come to life at the end of a pipe. Each creation is formed by blending, mixing, or layering colored glass to create unique art pieces which are merged using the age old process of glassblowing. The art glass then expands by using a blowpipe while working at temperatures over 2000 degrees.

          The individual forms are molded into shapes by spinning, twisting, cutting and pulling the molten glass using hand tools and gravitational force. After cooling in a kiln, the beautiful glass works are unique in form and color clearness. With almost 30 years of experience, John’s art glass can be found in galleries worldwide.

          McDonald’s interest and talent in the art of glassblowing developed during his high school years in Liberal, KS. He continued his education in the medium for two years in community college and seven years as a glass blower in a Wichita,KS studio. He established Meridian Street Art Glass in 1999.

          McDonald continues his creative glassblowing art in Valley Center, KS where he lives with his wife,  two daughters and two sons. He is a valuable contributor to many charitable functions. His work has been presented to Michael Jackson, Ted Dansen and his wife Mary Steenbergen; former mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg and used as awards for numerous companies and universities.

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